We offer a variety of scanning services, from fine art repro scanning, to film scanning to loose photographic print scanning. All services are produced in store. Standard turnaround time is 4 working days.


Hasselblad X5 scanner for high resolution reproduction of film originals from 35mm to 4”x5” featuring 4.9 Dmax and un-paralleled detail and color accuracy.
High resolution scans of originals featuring detail and color accuracy required for fine art reproduction of original art up to 24”x36”
600dpi individual scanning of loose photo originals from 3.5”x5” to 8”x10”.


*ROES pricing only. Web prices will vary.

Film Scanning

Film1-19 originals20+ originalsScan PPIFile format
35mm slide20.0016.00500016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
35mm*20.0016.00500016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
645*25.0020.00320016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
6x6*25.0020.00320016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
6x7*30.0024.00320016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
6x8*30.0024.00320016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
6x9*30.0024.00320016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
6x18*50.0040.00320016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
4x550.0040.00204016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
Additional CD/DVD Copies5.005.00

Art Repro

ServicesPriceOutput PPIFile Format
Standard$40.00 each30016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
Reflective/Large$60.00 each30016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
Retouching/Color Match$75.00 per hour30016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
Additional CD/DVD Copies$5.00

MemorySaver Scan

Type1-19 originals20+ originalsScan PPIFile format
Stack Scanning 3.5x5 to 8.5x110.950.95600.jpg
Flat Bed Scanning up to 8.5x148.008.00600.jpg
minimum order15.00