Our most popular service for good reason! With the best price in town and quick turnaround, our scanning a reproduction services yield exceptional results. All reproduction services come with a high resolution JPEG and 16-tiff delivered by either CD, shared folder, or downloaded to your personal flash drive. Each service has its own method of reviewing and approving your work. Visit the service page you’re interested in for more information.



*ROES pricing only. Photofinale prices will vary. Final print sizes are about an 1/8 of an inch smaller to ensure a full image edge.

Film1-19 originals20+ originalsScan PPIFile format
35mm slide20.0016.00500016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
35mm*20.0016.00500016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
645*25.0020.00320016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
6x6*25.0020.00320016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
6x7*30.0024.00320016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
6x8*30.0024.00320016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
6x9*30.0024.00320016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
6x18*50.0040.00320016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
4x550.0040.00204016bit TIF & Hi-Res JPEG
Additional CD/DVD Copies5.005.00