From Dye Sublimation to UV Solvent, our wall decor products use the best process for the best quality image. All canvases come ready to hang and includes a hanging kit. There are 4 different edge options so you can choose which works best for your image. Custom canvas and poly-canvas sizes are available.  Metal Prints and mounted prints have serval hanging options, so you can find the right one for you. 





*ROES pricing only. Photofinale prices will vary. Final print sizes are about an 1/8 of an inch smaller to ensure a full image edge.

Product SizeMin Resolution
125 PPI
Metal Gloss White
Metal Gloss Clear
Poly Wrap 0.75"Poly Wrap 1.5"Canvas Wrap 0.75"Canvas Wrap 1.5"
8x81000 x 1000$19.99$22.75$27.30$29.59$49.00
8x101000 x 1250$24.99$22.75$27.30$30.42$49.00
10x101250 x 1250$25.89$31.07$34.58$53.00
11x141375 x 1750$41.99$33.98$40.78$45.36$62.00
16x202000 x 2500$69.99$54.57$60.15$73.49$92.00
16x242000 x 3000$89.99$62.27$62.27$74.72$99.00
20x242500 x 3000$71.86$86.23$97.62$115.00
20x302500 x 3750$124.99$84.83$99.99$99.99$125.00
24x303000 x 3750$95.84$115.01$131.54$147.00
24x363000 x 4500$214.99$110.22$132.27$151.89$157.00
30x403750 x 5000$279.99$139.87$167.84$194.84$192.00
40x605000 x 7500$514.99$240.16$288.15$341.54$337.00