Our Holiday Photo Cards are a collection of premium silk card stock products. Ideal for physical handling due to their diffusing surfaces and thick weight. All holiday cards come with complementary white envelopes for presentation and are ready in just 1 business day. If you are local, you can schedule a proof review to make sure everything looks good before we run the whole order. You can also have your card custom designed by one of our artists for as little as $18.75. As always, we’re here to help. If you need assistance ordering online, using our ROES software, or have questions, feel free to call or come by.



*ROES pricing only. Photofinale prices will vary. Final print sizes are about an 1/8 of an inch smaller to ensure a full image edge.

SizeMin Resolution
125 PPI
4x5 (20 set)500 x 625$11.00
4x6 (20 set)500 x 750$11.00
4x8 (20 set)1000 x 500$13.80
5x5 (20 set)625 x 625$15.80
5x7 (20 set)625 x 875$15.80
6x8 (20 set)750 x 1000$19.80
Extra White Envelopes$0.25 each