Our Fine Art Giclee prints are made on production grade Epson printers with genuine Ultrachrome K3 inks. We feature Epson Lustre (our Portfolio Lustre), Epson Hot Press Bright (our Smooth Rag), Epson Cold Press Bright (our WaterColor), Fibre Baryta, Enhanced Matte, and more! See each product page below for more info.


*ROES pricing only. Photofinale prices will vary. Final print sizes are about an 1/8 of an inch smaller to ensure a full image edge.

Product sizeMin Resolution
125 PPI
Portfolio Lustre
Enhanced Matte
Pro Gloss
Smooth Rag
Gloss Canvas
Ilford Fibre
8up Wallets312.5 x 437.5$3.99--
5x7625 x 875$2.99$10
8x101000 x 1250$3.99$10
11x141375 x 1750$8.99$22.35
16x202000 x 2500$20.00$25
16x242000 x 3000$21.99$30
20x242500 x 3000$26.99$37.50
20x302500 x 3750$29.99$45
24x303000 x 3750$36$45
24x363000 x 4500$43.20$54
30x403750 x 5000$60$75